Fiqh of Business Part 2

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Welcome to Fiqh of Business part 1. This course covers:

Book of asset barring

  • The effects of barring one from their assets
  • Barring access from children, the insane and the mentally challenged 
  • Guardianship - Wilaayah 
  • Actions of a guardian 
  • Wikaalah - legal representatives 
  • That which break Wikaalah
  • Liability when breaking once obligations as an agent

Book of business partnership

  • 5 types of business partnerships
    - Partnership based on physical and Monetary participation
    - Venture capitalist partnership
    - partnership based on reputation
    - Partnership based on physical participation
    - Combinations of the above
  • Managing agriculture 
  • Hiring
    - Types of hiring
    - Rights of the lessor and the lessee
    - that’s which breaks a lease agreement
    - Different types of employment
    - how wages are earned
  • Chapter of competition

Book of Asset lending

  • Benefiting from borrowed items and guaranteeing it

Go through the lessons below to watch the videos.